Provider Info – Claire Cummings

Claire Cummings

Natural Health Practitioner of Canada  |  Registered Holistic Practitioner

Claire completed her Five Element Healing Medicine Path ( training in 2015 with Jaki Daniels. This approach to healing used the ancient system of medicine developed by the Chinese sages, often referred to as Classical Chinese Medicine – Five Element Healing. Claire’s approach uses energetic and vibrational medicine, developed through nature-based shamanic practices, to re-establish the flow of life-force (known as chi, ki, or qi) in a patient.

She offers a series of regular hands-on treatments which increase the innate healing capacities and animating life-force within a person, serving to re-establish health and well-being. Five Element Healing acts on all parts of a person’s being: body, mind, and spirit. Many patients report feeling more connected to themselves and more at peace after receiving treatments. 

Claire also hosts healing ceremonies in the community and teaches meditation and how to do shamanic journeying.

Claire regularly provides support for the following conditions:

  • general dis-ease and a feeling of disconnection from one’s life
  • an inability to move past previous difficult relationships or ill treatment
  • feeling ‘stuck’ in relationship patterns
  • chronic physical complaints 
  • recurring nightmares and other sleep issues
  • lack of appetite, whether physical or emotional

Sessions and Fees

  • Initial Assessment: 80 minutes – $147.50
  • Regular Healing Treatment: 50 minutes – $95.00
  • Child Assessment: 50 minutes – $95.00
  • Child Regular Healing Treatment: 30 minutes – $45.00
Claire’s treatments are not covered by extended health insurance. 
Please email Claire for scheduling or treatment inquiries.