Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a series of fluid, connected movements that supports mental well-being, physical balance and joint health.  Excellent for longevity, Tai Chi promotes mental calmness and physical resiliency.  It reduces the physical effects of stress and allows for a calm mental attitude.  Learn all 108 moves of Yeung Family Style Tai Chi in a supportive group environment.

There are three sections to this form of Tai Chi.  Just as the movements each link to one another, the sections build on each other. They become more intricate as the sections progress.

Tai Chi originated from martial art practices, it is designed for defense and health benefits.  It has evolved into a stylized moving meditation used to protect physical health and mental well-being.  Traditionally, Tai Chi is practiced in the morning to get the chi (life energy) flowing.  This practice can also help with sleeplessnessanxiety and fatigue.

Many people are drawn to the graceful movements of Tai Chi.  People who practice it often talk about how meditative and peaceful they feel while completing the sequence.  As they continue to practice over time, they feel their movements change and deepen.  It can be learned at any age and become a lifelong practice with continuing benefits for the body, mind and soul.