Chronic Pain

The majority of our clients deal with pain in one form or another, whether they’re seeking treatment (such as massage therapy or acupuncture) for a specific injury, experience chronic pain due to broader health challenges, or are struggling with emotional or psychological pain.

Regardless of the type of pain you experience, it can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life, and living with long-term or chronic pain can increase your risk of poor sleep, impaired cognitive/brain function, poor mental health, and cardiovascular disease.[1] In a 2011 study, nearly 20% of adult Canadians said they experienced chronic pain, with women and older populations reporting even higher rates.[2]

At Varsity Natural Health Center, our therapies and services focus not only on alleviating pain short-term, but also support deeper healing through addressing many of the common root problems of pain. Our massage therapists and acupuncturist have 10 to 20 years experience each in helping to alleviate pain. Making our wellness classes such as T’ai Chi, Qigong, pilates, yoga and meditation a regular part of your life can also help reduce and even eliminate pain due to many conditions.

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