Fertility concerns are becoming increasingly common, with many people turning to complementary therapies for added support.  Whether you’re looking to get pregnant, maintain health over the course of your pregnancy, or for post-birth support, we provide many beneficial therapies.

Acupuncture treatments can be particularly effective if you have fertility issues, as they can help balance underlying hormonal problems (in both women and men), increase blood flow to the endometrium, decrease generalized stress and anxiety, all of which can enhance natural fertility, increase the efficacy of other fertility treatments, and increase the likelihood of carrying a pregnancy to term.[1,2]  Please see our blog for more details on acupuncture and the treatment of infertility.

Other services we offer, such as massage and psychotherapy, can also be beneficial through all stages of fertility treatments and pregnancy, helping to address issues ranging from back pain and indigestion to insomnia and stress.  Additionally, our classes such as Qigong and T’ai Chi provide gentle movement to enhance overall well-being without over stressing the body.  As always, our therapists and instructors are more than happy to talk through any questions or concerns you may have before starting new treatments or classes.

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