Sleep problems are one of the most common issues that our clients deal with on an ongoing basis along with anxiety and pain.  According to the CDC, one third of Americans do not get sufficient sleep.[1]  Similar results are found in Canada where a study found 40% of adult Canadians are affected by sleep disorders.[2]  In a separate study, Canada ranked as the third most sleep-deprived country.[3]  Screen time, lack of exercise, poor routine and anxiety are seen as major contributors to poor sleep.

Quality sleep is a major factor in leading a healthy lifestyle.  Lack of sleep is associated with serious health issues including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression.[4]  Research has also shown a link between prostate, breast and colorectal cancer and insufficient sleep.[5]

We offer a variety of therapies that can help improve your sleep.   These include massage therapyacupuncturereflexology and sleep therapy.  Engaging in a regular practice of QigongT’ai Chi and yoga has also shown to have positive effects on sleep quality.[6]

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